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It’s like this

By Bob Palmer – Tribune Editor
Tuesday, December 27, 2011 11:28 AM CST

WE TOLD THE grandkids that we were taking them to a gas station in Watauga for Christmas Eve supper, because they would love the granola bars. They did love their dinner, but there were no granola bars in sight.

I spotted Chef Point café in the Watauga Conoco gas station on an episode of “Dinners Drive-ins and Dives” on the Food Network. Since we were in Decatur with Amber and her family for Christmas, it seemed like a good chance to check it out.

Chef Franson Nwaeze came to the U.S. from Nigeria 30 years ago and married Paula. He wanted to open a restaurant, but no one would loan him the money, but the bank would finance a gas station for them. They took the deal.

We ate in what may have been a service bay with concrete floors and cinder-block walls. The food, however, was amazing and the service excellent. We had crab cakes, escargot, steamed muscles, baked ziti, rack of lamb, roast duck ala orange, chicken fettuccini Alfredo, bread budding and apple pie – a true feast and no one had to wash a dish.  full article