MAINS all served with brown rice

Hot Diggity Dog
Plain hot dog, no bun.  4

Ground Round 
Hamburger patty, no bun.  6

Four strips of thick sliced bacon.  5

Rover Easy
Two scrambled eggs.  4

Bow Wow Wow
Boneless, skinless chicken filet.  6

My Perfect Pet
100% human grade,
fresh alternative to processed dog food 5
Provided by Bark Avenue Market & Bakery
Located in Colleyville, TX



On The Rocks
Refreshing bowl of ice & water.  0

Doggie Beer
Non-alcoholic brew and broth.  3



Please help us continue to provide pet friendly service on our patio by observing these rules: 

1. Owners must be in control of their pets at all times and pets must always be leashed.

2. At no time can pets be left unattended or brought into the restaurant.

3. Aggressive or misbehaving pets will be asked to leave for the enjoyment of all guests of Chef Point.