Gas Station Puts Watauga On The Map

The gas station restaurant that made Watauga famous. Well at least put it on the map. Bud Kennedy mentioned @chefpoint in his article today about Watauga, the tea party and council.

After 120 years, Watauga has established its fame as the town with the calamari Conoco.

Besides its famous Chef Point gas station, Watauga is known for — well, traffic jams. And generic shopping centers. And an ever-turbulent City Hall.

You’d never know it from driving U.S. 377. But in the mind of new Councilman Russell Clements, Watauga City Hall is “spend-crazed.”

In Clements’ mind and on his blog, Watauga needs fewer services such as libraries and parks, but more people packing guns.

Yes, even people too shady or nutty for permits.

Oh, by the way — did I mention that Clements is the local Tea Party’s guy?

The idea of raising city taxes to support parks or libraries is “just stupid,” Clements wrote, challenging commentators to “illuminate my ignorance.”

No further illumination is needed.

On a $100,000 Watauga home, the taxes are $11 a week. Tarrant County has 17 cities with higher bills.

Yet Clements and two Tea Party allies, Robert Davis and Gary Johnson, oppose raising taxes by any fraction. They even oppose a proposal that wouldn’t raise tax bills at all.

So it’s nearly October, and Watauga doesn’t have a budget. The council meets again Thursday night.

Last May, Clements campaigned on a platform that extended far beyond Tea Party principles:

No more public schools.

No more public colleges.

No more federal funding (meaning no U.S. 377).

No more voting rights for anybody who gets government money through “wealth transfer” (meaning no voting by anyone over 65 because younger homeowners help pay their “frozen” taxes).

But Clements does propose “special tax breaks.”

They’re for anyone packing a gun.

License or no license, Clements calls for gun owners to rise up and “throw off tyranny.”


Clements won his seat with 264 votes, ousting former police officer and Deputy Sheriff Larry Irving.

Irving said Tuesday that the city is facing “financial turmoil.”

Irving won’t talk about Clements.

All Irving says is: “I’ll run again.”

Thank the Tea Party.

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