Gas Station Grub

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Chef Point Café – Watauga, Tex.

You may be hard pressed to find an open pump during meal times at the Conoco gas station in Watauga, Tex. Customers quickly fill parking spots and then pull into the gas-pump bays before heading inside to anxiously await, sometimes more than 30 minutes, a meal that’s “better than sex,” –at least that’s what the popular “Better Than Sex Fried Chicken” would suggest. This former convenience store turned upscale diner has expanded several times since opening in 2003 to keep up with the hungry crowds coming through. Another favorite is the Blackened Stuffed Pork Chop ($17.99), a juicy pork chop hand stuffed with pepper jack cheese and fresh crab meat, laid over a bed of angel hair pasta, and smothered in asiago sauce.

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