Spring/Summer Wine Classes

Wine classes at Chef Point are full of sipping and learning, they are fun, casual, and interactive and make every glass you drink taste even better. What’s more, you can take home a bottle or two (or more) of any wine that tickles your fancy!

Classes usually run 45-60 minutes long and begin at 6:00 PM.

$20 per person + tax and gratuity

Patio Wine and PoochesTuesday, May 30th
You love your dog. You love wine. Lucky for you and Fido, you don’t have to choose between the two. Grab your pooch and enjoy a summer wine tasting.  Expect to taste several wines in a casual setting while mingling with guest and their furry friends! $20 per person

Tripping on Acid & Tannins – Tuesday, June 13th
During this interactive class, you will compare and contrast samples that have been prepared to explore the sensory experiences of acids and tannins. This introductory class will allow you begin to understand your preferences and wine style and will give you a vocabulary to share with your friends and to confidently order unfamiliar wine. $20 per person

Menage a’ Trois, French Wine, Cheese & Chocolate Tasting
– Tuesday, July 11th
This is our first class on French wines, and boy is it an important one! Come discover the regions and varietals that make this country so famous for their delicious and distinctive wines. You’ll get a unique tasting of French wines, accompanied by cheese and chocolate and a dynamic learning experience with our amazing Wine Goddess Mary! $25 PER PERSON


August 15th,
Californication Of Wine
September 18th, Off The Beaten Path: Adventure is out there! Try something new.
October 24th, Ciders Class
November 7th, Italian Wine Class, family style
December 5th, Bubbles Wine Class