Chef Point (DFW – Watauga)

So anyone been to Chef Point? Anyone heard of Chef Point? If not, let me introduce it as a ridiculously good gourmet restaurant serving their creations in a……. Conoco gas station.

I’ve been a couple of times and have eaten/tried the grilled salmon, a hamburger, blackened catfish served over angel hair pasta in an asiago cream sauce, double cut pork chops in a mushroom/wine reduction, shrimp over angel hair pasta served with in a mushroom cream sauce, what-nots, and crabbed stuffed artichoke bottoms afloat a pool of asiago cream. On my first visit, I also had the bread pudding. Ehhh, wouldn’t recommend as it was excessively dense and the sauce was really sweet.

*Note – when I say cream – I am not using the word loosely. Depending on where you are seated, you may be able to see the chef pour in first the half and half, and then (as your eyes roll back in your head) the heavy cream. This of course after the creation has been started with a generous plop of butter. You taste buds will be doing a very happy dance. Your arteries will not.

Of those delicious and decadent meals, my ONLY complaint is that the very thick cut pork chop was overcooked and on the dry side. My biggest surprise was that a very thick hamburger was ordered well done (tragic) AND that it arrived cooked to that specification and still remained juicy on the inside.

The first time I went was for lunch on a weekday. The place was moderately busy. The last time was on a Fri., early evening. Holy moly! By the time we left at around 6:30, there was a line (out the door of the convenience store) waiting to get in. There were more people (cars) in the parking lot waiting for parking spots to open up. Folks looking to get gasoline were pretty much SOL due to sheer congestion.

The one drawback is that this type of food screams for a great bottle of wine – but no-can-do since they sell beer on the premises.

This is a must see (and eat) to believe. Well worth the drive for those living east of the big airport.