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Top Read Press Release

Celebrate Father’s Day at Chef Point Cafe Press Release was one of the top 1000 press releases for June. In fact it was number 52. Way to go Chef Point. You can celebrate any day at Chef Point Cafe, the … Continued

Chef Point Cafe in Watauga doing food truck of sorts Chef Point Cafe in Watauga doing food truck of sorts Are you familiar with Chef Point (Watauga’s popular restaurant inside a gas station)?  In an effort to expand their business to Ft. Worth, they are experimenting with a food cart … Continued

Dad can always go to a steakhouse.

By BUD KENNEDY Dad can always go to a steakhouse. This Father’s Day, take him someplace different. Like — a gas station? Chef Point Cafe in Watauga hit the big time this week. The tiny Conoco gas station-cafe on … Continued

NACS Magazine Story

NACS Magazine Ideas 2 Go: Bread Pudding and Super Unleaded By Pat Pape From the outside it looks just like a Conoco gas station. Inside, there are racks of candy, boxes of beef jerky and a wall-long, drink-filled cooler. … Continued

New York Times Review

Bites Restaraunt Review: Chef Point Café in Watauga, Tex. By KATE MURPHY Published: June 7, 2010 On a recent Friday night, there were so many cars at the Conoco gas station in Watauga, Tex., 15 miles north of Fort … Continued