Black Friday Savings At Chef Point Cafe

apple_flakey_pieWell, well, well!  Look what has arrived!  Black Friday is upon us, and we all know what that means, don’t we?  Shopping madness, that’s what Black Friday means!  Consider this scenario, being played out across the country:  A shopper gets up at three a.m., staggers out to the car, and drives to the Shopping Mall.  She then parks two-hundred yards away, dodges parking lot traffic, enters the Mall doors, and is engulfed by thousands of crazed shoppers looking for the greatest deals on bras and Lego’s.  She is pushed and shoved, yelled at and cursed, and finally, after eight hours, she staggers back to her car exhausted and filled with anxiety.

Well friends, it doesn’t have to be that way!  We at your favorite Fort Worth restaurant have an alternative solution.  How about buying some Chef Point gift cards for presents this holiday season?  Try this different scenario and see if you don’t like it a bit more than the earlier one.  Shopper wakes up at eight a.m., showers, has a leisurely breakfast, listens to some music, then logs onto her computer and goes to the Chef Point website.  There she links on to the gift card page, and she orders Christmas gift cards for five of her closest friends and loved ones.  No Mall, no crowds, no traffic, and no hassle!

Now, doesn’t that sound better?  But wait!  We aren’t done making it sound great!  For every $35 in gift cards you purchase, you get a $5 bonus card, to be used anytime between January 5th and February 5th, 2013.  In other words, you not only buy gifts for family and friends while sitting in your kitchen in you pj’s, but you also get bonus cards for yourself to be used after the holiday season.  Is this a great deal or what?

What better gift to give someone, especially the hard-to-buy people on your list?  Who wouldn’t want to dine at Chef Point Café?  Who wouldn’t want to have a juicy Mushroom Burger or a delicious Prime Rib? Who wouldn’t want to have our famous Bread Pudding or Flaky Apple Pie?  Seriously, when you get right down to it, Chef Point gift cards are the perfect gift no matter who you are buying for.

And did we mention you get your own bonus when you buy the gift cards?  How many other businesses at the Mall will give you something when you buy from them?  That’s right, none!

Chef Point Café gift cards….the perfect alternative to Black Friday shopping!