Alzheimer’s Association Will Benefit From Chef Point Events

5_star_restaurant_fort_worthDo you have a friend or loved one who suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease?  Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States and there is no cure.  If you are familiar with this disease you know that it is the most common form of dementia and early symptoms begin with memory loss.  Unfortunately Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that will eventually lead to confusion in daily activities, decreased quality of life and eventually death, for there is no cure.

Life expectancy averages eight years after initial diagnoses but survival can range from four to twenty years, depending on age and general health.

“The management team at Chef Point has chosen the Alzheimer’s Association as our charity of choice for 2012,” says co-owner Paula Nwaeze, “We appreciate your understanding and support of the Alzheimer’s Association.”

The Alzheimer’s Association-North Central Texas Chapter issued this statement: More than 48,000 individuals currently live in North Central Texas with Alzheimer’s Disease, a fatal, memory destroying illness. Our mission is to end this disease through research so future generations will not experience its devastation and to provide care and support to those who are currently living with the effects of Alzheimer’s.

The Alzheimer’s Association has many and varied services which address specific needs as individuals progress through the disease stages.  Each program has been successful in helping clients who had no other place to turn for support and information.

Providing educational opportunities to our clients each year is one of our highest priorities. Other programs include a 24/7 helpline, support groups and case management to help those who are dealing with the effect of Alzheimer’s.  We are also quite proud of our multi-cultural outreach efforts to reach the African-American and Hispanic communities.

On behalf of those we serve and the future generations that deserve a world without Alzheimer’s, we want to thank Chef Point Café for partnering with us as we fight to end this disease.

According to Theresa Hocker, executive director of the Alzheimer’s Association-Nort Central Texas Chapter, “We are excited to be partnering with Chef Point Café for their Wine & Dine project.  The Café’s reputation as a 5-Star restaurant is well-known in this area and the food is superb.  We appreciate that Paula and Chef Franson are lending their names and great cuisine in support of our mission.”

Join Paula and Chef Franson as they strive to make a difference in their fine dining restaurant. In the coming months there will be several events held to support the Alzheimer’s Association including the monthly wine & dine events.  Details of other events will be forthcoming soon.  Help us help others in our community